Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Itch!

Lately I have been getting the itch to write.  So much in fact that I even created my own Twitter account, just so I could tweet about my daily adventures.  The problem with tweeting of course is that you are limited to so many characters per tweet and it seems I have more to say than that.  So to solve this problem I could either write to myself or write to all of you.  It may seem presumptuous for me to think that anyone would really care what I have to say but you never know.

I actually already have a blog, the problem is it's so specific that when I don't want to write about rabbits toys I feel like I'm deviating from the reason everyone reads it.

By the way if you're a rabbit lover please check it out at - your source for DIY rabbit toys, housing and everything bunny!

Back to this blog.  It's going to be about everything else.  I am what most would classify as a crazy animal lady except I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who supports and loves me dearly.  I guess you could say we're crazy animal people.  We live with our 2 Golden Retrievers, 2 Cats, 4 Rabbits, Parrotlet and Hamster in a nice little home.  This blog will probably be about them most of the time.  Sometimes it may be about my passion for photography or the fact that I'm a longtime vegan.  It might be about a great new recipe I tried or a movie I just watched.  So if you're in to any or all of these things feel free to pop in now and again.

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