Thursday, 28 July 2011

Chatty Birdies

On a whim, I decided to bring Ella to the cottage with us.  We were loading everything in to the truck and Ella was playing and chirping in her cage while I carried everything down from the kitchen.  At that moment I decided I couldn't leave her behind.  Unlike our bunnies, cats and hammy, Ella would enjoy the hot weather, being outdoors and listening to the noises outside.  So I emptied her food and water dishes, then managed to squeeze her cage behind my seat and we were off.

She loved it! The deck gets the morning sun so I set her on a table in the far corner.  That way the wind could blow through her cage but wouldn't be strong enough to shake her.  It was warm and sunny, perfect weather for her!  She chirped and sang, rang her bells and played with toys while she listened to the other birds chirping and flying overhead.  Even down at the lake, we could hear her on the deck.

In the early evening when the bugs would start to get bad, I'd move her inside and put her at the patio doors so she could still see outside.  Hubby and I would eat dinner near her - sharing veggies, fruit and a few pieces of naan with her.  The whole time she danced and sang away.  It was adorable!

At night when she was settling in for the night, I'd move her to a table in another corner of the cottage.  It was still close to us but didn't get the early morning sunlight.  I didn't want her to wake up at 5am!  She would sit there clicking her beak contentedly while her eyes drooped.

So Ella adjusted to cottage life easily.  And Hubby and I delighted in watching her enjoy it so much.

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